Tech Net News 01-12-2019

magnetic field extra_large-1547216413-cover-image
Computer simulation of the Earth’s magnetic field in a period of normal polarity. Dr Gary A. Glatzmaier/Los Alamos National Laboratory US Department of Energy.

Remember to check on-line and make sure your dues are paid. If you’re past due, please pay your dues.

Please don’t forget that Winter Field Day is coming up on the 26th of this month. You can sign up to participate using the form from the right-side menu of our website. More details are available from our official post here on the club website.

And of course, Tech Net is not our only net this Saturday. SKYNET will be meeting at 9:00 PM, and the Afterglow Movie discussion will take place at 10:30 PM local time. The movie for the 12th will be an unusual fan-made Start Trek episode, “The Fairest of Them All.”

On the contest calendar, we have two main events listed for this weekend: the Italian QRP Club Quarterly Marathon might still be in progress and open to all modes, but their website is out of date. The NCJ North American QSO Party (CW) is this weekend…the SSB edition of this famous event will be next weekend.

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