Radio Configuration Files

The DARC has assembled a list of popular radio configuration files that could be used as a template for new radio operators or a great starting point for a current operator that has just acquired a new radio. Each of the radio configuration files will need to be modified with the associated software package noted below. All of the files will have popular pre-populated local DFW area repeaters pre-programmed in and some other basic radio settings – the user can simply update/change/modify the config with their call sign as needed, write the config to the radio and get on the air.

Looking at the list below there are three columns: Factory, RT Systems, and CHIRP Software and then the corresponding radio. Use the associated link in the appropriate cell to download the desired configuration and then load that into your radio with the correct programming software.

Configurations listed in the Factory Software column are configurations that can be manipulated with free OEM programming software from the radio manufacture. Configurations under the RT Systems Software column are modified/edited with the popular paid software from RT Systems. Configuration files listed in the CHIRP column are radio configuration files that can be used with the free and open source programming software CHIRP. If you would like a larger view of the list you can access the sheet from this link.

DARC is also providing a generic CSV list of local repeaters – this is by no means a complete list but a good starting point if you were building a radio config from scratch – there are other online tools that can be used to generate lists like repeaterbook for an example. You can view this large list from this link.

Questions, comments or contributions are welcome reach out to us at: , special thanks to Bill KF5ZBL for his large contributions to the list.

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