Club Sale Items

The DARC Club Items For Sale

First, the rules:

  • These items are currently only available to current DARC members.
  • Item are offered at a reduced price for the benefit of DARC members and are not intended to be purchased and resold.
  • Only club members may make an offer to purchase. If you’re not a member and see an item you want, then you need to become a member.
  • Items are sold to the person who first delivers the money.  No reservations.
  • After two weeks they will become available to general public.  If not sold after 30 days, they will be offered on eBay.

Should you want an item, contact Randy (KE5JIT) or James (N5BKL) to verify the item is still available and they will set a time for you to pick up. (Contact information is on QRZ.COM).

Items are not considered sold until:

  1. Money is received
  2. Item is picked up

Club Items For Sale