DARC Membership

DARC Membership

You can become a DARC member by creating an account at https://www.hamclubonline.com  using the DARC hamclubonline.com DARC club code: fdkn0rimph3uk and completing the on-line membership application.  OR a paper membership form is also available from this link:


(Please note – if you don’t create a hamclubonline.com account – a hamclubonline.com  account will be created for you with the information you provide on the paper form a valid working E-mail address is required – see this post for more details )

You can pay your dues here on-line via the PayPal link (below) (payment via hamclubonline.com coming soon), or send your paper application and check for your membership to the address below, or better yet come to the next DARC monthly meeting  and pay cash or check.

At the next DARC regularly scheduled club meeting, all applications are reviewed and approved (voted) by the attending membership.  However: All Membership Applications must be paid-in-full before being submitted to a vote. So either Pay Online (Paypal Account, hamclubonline.com), by postal mail, or in person at a monthly meeting.

Postal Mail the completed membership form and the dues to:

Dallas Amateur Radio Club
Attn: Membership Committee
P.O. Box 744266
Dallas, Texas, 75374-4266

DARC Membership Dues Matrix:

DARC Dues For One Year Membership
Membership Type One Year
Full Membership $25.00
Family Membership $30.00
Associate Membership $25.00

Membership Dues With PayPal:
DARC Full Membership $25.00 (add your call sign in the note):

Pay Now Button

DARC Family Membership $30.00 (add your call sign in the note):

Pay Now Button

Note On DARC Membership Renewals

Renewals are calculated from your join date noted in hamclubonline.com If you miss that renew window you have to start over and become a New Member again and have be be voted back in.

On-Line DARC Application http://hamclubonline.com

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