The DARC holds several Radio Nets during the week.  Come and enjoy the Nets held throughout the week and show your support to the club by checking In, and if you have something to bring to the net, please do so.  The nets are only as good as the participation you bring. All nets are held on 146.880 repeater with a negative offset (-) Tone is 110.9

ARRL NTS DFW Early Traffic Net

Daily at 18:30 Local Central Time

† NOTE:  Two exceptions exist for the frequency on which DFW Early Net meets. On the first Tuesday of each month – when the DARC holds its general meeting – and anytime Dallas RACES has activated an emergency net, the Early Net will be held on the Irving repeater WA5CKF 146.720

National Traffic System Local Net – All radio amateurs are invited to participate in this net to learn how to handle formal message traffic. This is a critical skill in emergency nets. It can make the difference between being helpful and just being in the way.

There is always a need for operators interested in filling net control positions and to register as traffic handlers willing to take and deliver traffic within the greater DFW area.

For additional information about NTS traffic nets, and Radiograms Please see :  http://www.dfwtrafficnet.org/

DARC MOTA (Meeting on the Air)

1st and 3rd Sunday of each Month at 19:00 Central Time

Control Operator/Leader: Current Club President or whomever they designate. 

This net is an on-the-air informal meeting of all Dallas Amateur Radio Club members and guests.  All radio amateurs are welcome – that means YOU!  Check in and tell us what is new in your Ham World.

Dallas RACES Training Net

1st and 3rd Sunday of each Month at 20:00 Central Time

Formal emergency training net.  Interesting and informative net to monitor, but Part 97 of FCC rules does not allow non-RACES appointed stations to transmit unless they have emergency traffic. To become a RACES member, please contact your local RACES Director http://www.dallasraces.org/

DARC Hamfixin’s Net

1st and 3rd Monday of each Month at 19:00 Central Time

Control Operator/Leader: Randy Patterson KE5JIT and Brenda Magee WB5OZL 

This net is dedicated to the realization that hams like to eat and some of them even like to cook!  Bring your recipes, cooking tips, anecdotes, and what food or technique you’ve tried.  Join us and see what the other hams are cooking up!


2nd Monday of each Month at 19:00 Central Time

Control Operator/Leader: Kevin Grantham N5KRG

This is a non-denominational net to Discuss Emergency Preparedness. The Discussions have contained things from GoKits, Power, Safety, Anything relating to Being Prepared for an Emergency.

DARC Geek Net

4th Monday of each Month at 19:00 Central Time

Control Operator/Leader: Tony Mendina NT5TM

Come to this net and discuss all things Geeky, scientific, digital, current, brainy, recherché.  Nothing is too Geeky, so bring it on.

DARC Surprise Net

5th Monday of each Month at 19:00 Central Time

Control Operator/Leader: Tony Mendina NT5TM

Don’t know what to do on those rare 5th Mondays? Check into the surprise net. We have talked about Fishing, done a little Jeopardy, even Truth or Lies.  You never know what you are checking into until time for the net.  A total Surprise!

CERT CITY Simulation Radio Network Net

Every Friday Night at 20:00 Central Time

Control Operator/Leader: Melissa Tanner KI5GRH

Everyone who checks into our net becomes a citizen of CERT CITY and can play and practice simulated emergency communications or join the discussion on a variety of topics often related to recent news of emergency response, disaster, or preparedness. We are a cozy, inviting, interactive, fun, entertaining, and educational net that has a unique “After-Net Party” where we invite you to share fellowship, laughter and snacks with us on Friday night. All Amateur Radio Operators are invited to participate. No experience or affiliation with any organization necessary!

DARC Tech Net

Saturdays at 19:00 Central Time

Control Operator/Leader: Don Murray W9VE

This net is to encourage ham operators to have fun and help one another with news and technical support.  Sections include:  Rookie Q&A, Techtalk, DFW ham news, ask the elmers, swapshop. Newly licensed hams are especially welcome. Every ham is gladly welcomed!

DARC SkyNet – Astronomy Forum with Program

Saturdays at 21:00 Central Time

Control Operator/Leader: Tom General KE5ICX

You have to say it right “SKYYYYYYYYYY Net.”  This is an exciting net talking about The sky tonight, space news, space history (and trivia), telescopes, cosmology, Big Bang(s), star mythology. All radio amateurs are invited to participate in this net. If you check in, you will learn something.  Check this website one hour before the net for links to audio, video, skymaps, photos, and more!  Tell your astronomy and space friends about this popular net!

DARC Afterglow Net

Saturdays at or around 22:30 Central Time (Immediately Following SkyNet)

Control Operator/Leader: Tom General KE5ICX and/or KG5P Mike Jahrig

Each week we agree on a  movie, available on the Internet.   We watch the movie individually, take notes, and then comment about the film on the air.  You can get in on the discussion via Facebook by following this link to facebook.com and ask to be added to the list. For the record, each movie runs about 1 hour to 1.5 hours.   We discuss the characters, the plot, history of the movie, script, actors, director, and crew.  We also talk about how the movie fits in with the year it originally appeared, how it inspired future films, and whether there’s any messages for all mankind.  Of course we also pick apart plot holes, bad reasoning, wonky science, and horrific acting! You can comment and follow on Facebook here.

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