Repeater User’s Guidelines

The Dallas Amateur Radio Club repeaters are open to use by any and all licensed amateurs, provided that you abide by Part 97 of the FCC Rules and Regulations and the additional rules and guidelines set forth by the DARC.

Information received from Riley Hollingsworth, Chief of the FCC Enforcement Division, has confirmed that rules and guidelines established by repeater organizations and control operators will be considered the same as FCC rules and that habitual violators will be dealt with accordingly.

The USERS’ GUIDE FOR REPEATER OPERATION was originally published by the DARC in 1993, and updated and approved by the DARC Board of Directors in 2006. It contains a how-to for the operation of the four DARC repeaters and their various features, such as the auto-patch. Please pay particular attention to the “GOOD MANNERS” section, which represents not only good manners but also operating practices that are required of all users of the DARC system.

It is crucial that users of the DARC repeaters wait for the repeater squelch tail to drop before transmitting during heavy traffic times. Do not dominate the repeater during these periods, when the need for emergency use of the repeater is are most likely.

It is very important that you not only wait for the courtesy tones (the ‘bubble-up’), but wait the extra couple of seconds to allow others enough time to access the repeaters. Let’s keep repeater rage to a minimum and let everyone have a good time using our repeaters.

Read the following document and help make the DARC repeaters a place that locals, as well as visiting hams, want to make their home.

DARC Repeater Users Guide