DARC Lecture And Lab May 2021

Field Day Logging Options

QRUQSP Field Day Logger Site

Join the DARC for Lecture and Lab May 22, 2021 from 11am until 2/3pm Central Time virtually via Google Meet. (The virtual meeting ID/Link is always on the W5FC event calendar) During this lecture and Lab, we’ll be helping all participants learn how to use the free QRUQSP.org Field Day logger. This is an online logging system designed for Field Day and Winter Field Day and all you need is an internet connection and any device with a web browser with access to the https://qruqsp.org site.

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Field Day 2020 Best Practices

The DARC will be hosting two virtual meetings during the month of June 2020 in preparation for Field Day 2020.  Tune in via Google Meet on June 4th and June 18th at 7pm central time.   For the meeting link see the DARC club event calendar online at: https://w5fc.org/club-activities/event-calendar/   These are open public meetings and you don’t need to be a club member to attend. The purpose of these two virtual meetings are to ask questions, get help with station setup, antennas, logging and anything else related to Field Day 2020.   You will also have the ability to test your rig and logging software real time and work out all the kinks etc. Review the “DARC Field Day 2020 Participation How We Can Have Fun” document below.

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