Field Day 2020 Best Practices

The DARC will be hosting two virtual meetings during the month of June 2020 in preparation for Field Day 2020.  Tune in via Google Meet on June 4th and June 18th at 7pm central time.   For the meeting link see the DARC club event calendar online at:   These are open public meetings and you don’t need to be a club member to attend. The purpose of these two virtual meetings are to ask questions, get help with station setup, antennas, logging and anything else related to Field Day 2020.   You will also have the ability to test your rig and logging software real time and work out all the kinks etc. Review the “DARC Field Day 2020 Participation How We Can Have Fun” document below.

Questions or comments please contact us:

Be sure to join the DARC for a virtual Field Day Follow Up meeting via Google Meet Monday June 29, 2020 at 8pm Central.  The link and more information are on the DARC event calendar.

We will review any questions or comments on how to process your Field Day Log for uploading to the ARRL website for credit and even help you live as needed.  We will also ensure your score gets aggregated with the rest Dallas Amateur Radio Club participants.

During the Field Day event the DARC will have a live persistent chat running – feel free to join in anytime, there is chat and even support for voice, video and screen sharing. Stop in say hello! You don’t need an account or an app and no need to even sign up for a Discord account to join the chat (but you can) – we do suggest you join using your call sign when it asks you what you like to be called (don’t worry, you can always edit this later) join at: If you already have Discord account or app look for #4473 or click on this link.

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      • Hi John – you upload your log as you and your call sign (you get credit) – then give the credit to DARC for the club affiliation as: “Dallas Amateur Radio Club W5FC” the DARC station W5FC will have an aggregate score from everybody that does that. Hope you can join one of our up-coming virtual meetings see the calendar for June 4 and June 18, 2020 at 7pm central time.