Highway To A DX Party

The Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club of San Bernardino, California, is once again hosting the 18th annual ‘Route 66 On The Air’ special event between September 9 – 17th, 2017.  During the event period you can try an work 21 stations (2 of them are Rovers) operating in or around the old “Route 66” From Santa Monica CA to Chicago IL.

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Jan 2017 Meeting Topic



Join the DARC January 3, 2017 at the Club meeting for an exciting presentation:

The DX Bug can strike a ham at any stage in life without warning! It starts with a terrible ‘itch’ that is easily transmitted to other operators, much like chicken pox.

 The bug eventually affects 70% of ham radio operators, causing insomnia and contest exhaustion. “Split” personalities are also rather common.  We will pass along lighthearted ways that fellow hams can cope with the dreaded DX bug and slake their thirst for DX without sacrificing mental stability.

 Learn more about DXpeditions, equipment choices, handling pile-ups, working split, DX contests, and some DX resources. You won’t want to miss this presentation


Dick Morgan K6RAH was originally licensed in 1956 in San Diego, California at age 14. He chased DX and ran phone patches for missionaries and military personnel, from Peru to Korea and Iwo Jima, until marriage, college, kids, and work intruded.

Dick regained his license in 2009 in Dallas, passing his Technician, General, and Extra Class exams. He proceeded to earn his DXCC-Phone using only 100 Watts and an end-fed random wire strung across his roof.

Dick is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants.

 Dick is a member of ARRL, the Lone Star DX Association, and QCWA Chapter 41.