Antennas Mentioned on the July, 2023 Fun Antenna Surprise Net

My thanks to all the hams who participated! Antennas mentioned tonight included:

The homebrew Buddipole was mentioned by Tony, NT5TM. He presented this at the July, 2017 DARC meeting.

Bill, N5BB, mentioned using a bedspring for QRP contacts at a past IARC Field Day, as well as using a balloon to hoist a wire antenna into the air.

Joseph, N5WY, described a 1.2 GHz and 2.4 GHz log periodic dipole array on a printed circuit board, as well as a helical 2.4 GHz WiFi antenna.

Travis, KI5PGM, emphasized the speed, light weight, and convenience of the End-Fed Half Wave. He also mentioned that Mike, AE5IV, had brought a military surplus antenna to Winter Field Day that was very interesting—it used two dipoles crossed at right angles and a mast that acted as a coaxial feedline.

Romie, N8WWR, described improvising a coaxial vertical dipole when he needed an antenna that would fit through the tiny gap in a hotel room window.

Logan, KI5NON, said that he used a paperclip stuck into an SMA connector when fox hunting.

Larry, N5PQO, said that he’d had fun receiving broadcasts with an “Eavesdropper -T” shortwave trap dipole.

James, N5TXN, said that he was enjoying his Comet GP-9.

Tony, GW0UIM, described using re-purposed CB radio antennas for reception on the upper HF bands and 6 meters.

Bill, KF5ZBL, said that he had a great deal of fun with his Alpha EZ Military antenna, which I believe is now called the Alpha Military 2.0.

Greg, K5TGF, introduced us all to an unusual asymmetrical hatted dipole antenna, which he said gave him a great deal of satisfaction, once it was done.

Rollin, WA5RFG, added that he has been experimenting with parasitic resonators added to HF antennas, but would like to know more about modelling their effects in EZNEC.