Lecture And Lab August 2023

Come join the DARC for the August 2023 Lecture and Lab – In this lecture and lab you will solder/build a 12volt 14Ah LiFePo4 battery box complete with BMS, charger, volt/amp meter, LED lights and more. The build will take place at the Dallas Medical Center on the 3rd floor. Plan on attending in-person Aug 26, 2023 start time is 10am central time. More details below.

This is an in-person event and is open to the public you do not need to be a member of the DARC or have a HAM radio license to attend and participate or purchase a battery box kit. We have a total of 18 kits and they are first come first served on Lecture and Lab day and the kit cost is $100.00 Any questions or comments find us (KF5ZBL, KG5EIU) on the DARC Discord server or hit us up at: https://w5fc.org/contact/

The 14Ah LiFePo4 battery box build has a lot of features packed inside a .30cal plastic ammo-can including: Anderson Power Poles, USB-C, USB-A ports, Volt/AMP meter, LiFePo4, on/off switches, LED area lighting for those early morning/late nite POTA activations. The kit also includes a LiFePo4 charger and BMS. Everything is included in the kit, box, batteries, BMS, switches, wire, terminals, LEDs and of course the AMMO can, etc.

You will need the bring your solder kit assembly tools along with some other handy things to make the build go fast and easy:

You will be building a 12v 14Ah LiFePO4 battery pack in a 4S configuration inside a plastic .30cal ammo can.   The battery box will have a BMS, ports for 2 Anderson Power Poles, dual USB-C / USB charge.   The box will also have external LED lighting for site illumination.   Other features include a Volt/Amp meter, main power switch, LED auxiliary lights and switch and a LiFePo4 charger is also included. 
Tools Needed/Required:

  • Solder Iron, solder and associated accouterments to solder small electronic components
  • Wire cutters, and strippers small screwdrivers and other general kit building tools
  • volt/ohm meter
  • Sharp box cutter/utility knife with a fresh blade
  • Steel ruler/straight edge  1’ or less
  • X-acto knife with  a fresh blade
  • Black/Red Sharpie Pens
  • Heat gun for shrink tubing 
  • Center punch/awl 
  • Safety glasses

Handy Tools To Have For The Build:

  • Cordless drill and drill index
  • Small files, emery/sandpaper 
  • Anderson Power Pole crimpers 
  • Small ratchet socket kit with an extension
  • Crimpers for uninsulated terminals 20ga – 12ga 
  • Clear wide packing tape
  • Stubby screwdrivers
  • rivet gun
  • 20mm and 1.125″ hole saws

You will assemble the 12v 14Ah pack complete with BMS and then prep the plastic ammo-can to assemble the battery box. This will be a fun and educational lab and should be easy to assemble with the included wiring diagram, custom 3D printed parts and drill templates.

Some assembly galleries to look over: KF5ZBL: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAp3Gy KG5EIU: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAoBUX