Links from July 2017 Meeting Presentation

I hope you enjoyed the presentation! I had a lot of fun building and using my Buddipole. Here are the links that were presented at the end of the presentation.

Jim Brown, K9YC, author of a very comprehensive guide to RFI and Baluns

Frank Doerenberg, N4SPP, creator of NEC files for sample loaded dipoles

Budd Drummond, W3FF, creator of the Buddipole
Homebrew Buddipole Plans

Martin Meserve, K7MEM, publisher of useful on-line calculating tools

Arie Voors, author of 4nec2

Gary Wescom, N0GW, author of the fun “Just a dipole” article

And while I didn’t think of this one, several participants mentioned the “Buddipole in the Field” book. You can buy a nice printed copy, or you can read it on-line here:

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