Links from Meeting Presentation 07-10-2018: Beyond the J-Pole

coil crop DSC_2208The response and interest in my presentation was great! Here are the links from the presentation and the details of my antenna build. Remember, we’ll be building this antenna at the July 28th, 2018, Lecture and Lab.

My modifications to the design by F3WM:

If you want to reproduce my design exactly, use CQ-118 from The Wireman.

I wanted full 2-meter band coverage; I used a 19 11/16” (498mm) upper section and a 19 3/4” (500mm) lower section instead. His size will work better in a radome, if you want to weatherproof the antenna.

The pipe that I had was narrower than what he called for, so I used an on-line calculator at to estimate the required size of a coil on a narrower pipe. My coil was 3/4” pipe, 3 inches long, with ¼-inch holes spaced 1 3/4” (42m) apart. There were 6 turns.

I omitted the end loop for hanging, and used an icicle hitch instead.

My links and references:


Robert L. E. Billon, F3WM (The design I built and analyzed for the meeting.)

Frank Bremer, PA0FBK

Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR
QST, March 2015, pg. 64

Joe Leggio WB2HOL

Martin Meserve, K7MEM

Charles T. Rauch, Jr., W8JI

Al Yerger, K2ATY
QST, May 2014, pg. 45-47

And a bonus! The 2-meter vertical dipole I use at public service events:

Harold Melton, KV5R

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