AREDN – Get Ready

AREDN Patch Icon

Stay Tunned for future AREDN topics coming to the DARC LAB And Lecture and Tech-Net On The Hill in the next few months (Sep and Oct 2016)

AREDN “Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network”. We’re building it all over the country. What is it? In layman’s terms, and just to quickly get to the substance – it literally is a “private” internet at wifi speeds, on HAM frequencies, and just for HAM radio purposes. Yes, wifi speeds, or possibly 10 mbps to 20 mbps. Wow! Why do that? Primarily for emergency communications. Amateur Radio has never had this opportunity before. An opportunity to provide a clear and highly effective role in facilitating first-responder and post-responder inter-agency emergency communication. We’ll have fun too, we need to keep it VERY interesting as we build it out, so we’re building fun applications and using cameras and phones.  Join us while we make history!

AREDN Freq for HAM use

For more info and fun join in on the local DFW AREDN google forum Visit the link at:!forum/ntx-aredn;context-place=overview

No experience necessary, they will help you!

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