YL NTX Weekly Monday Net 8PM 442.325MHz

At our last club meeting we said we’d try to support this net, so please see the announcement below.  Since we just had a Lecture and Lab on this very same topic it might be an interesting net to listen to and maybe even check-in…

Please join us tonight at 8pm for the YL NTX Weekly Net.   The main frequency is 442.325 (127.3), however, if you are unable to make the main repeater, try the Fort Worth link —  442.225 (110.9).
Tonight’s YL/OM  Discussion topic:  Shelly has net control tonight, so I have no idea what she’s going to pull out of her hatbox for a discussion topic.

Tonight’s technical topic:  Soldering 101, presented by Bill Galloway, KF5YIV.

A word about the Labor Day night net.  We will, in fact, be having a net, but instead of having a more structured topic, we’re going to have a Round Robin Topic.  The subject?  “Name a time when you have actually had to use your radio for an emergency situation.  Be it a car wreck, a weather emergency, ship in distress, lost person, etc.”  Again, this is regularly scheduled “Technical Topic” so if you have  a good story, please come share it.  Otherwise, it’s going to be really really quiet out there.  🙂

See you tonight~