DARC Lecture And Lab April 2021

DIY Custom Shack LED Lighting Controller

DIY WiFi LED Controller Kit

Join the DARC for Lecture and Lab April 24, 2021 from 11am until 2/3pm Central Time virtually via Google Meet. (The virtual meeting ID/Link is always on the W5FC event calendar) You will be assembling a 12 volt custom LED lighting controller for your HAM Shack based on the QuinLED board with a WiFi enable Wemos board programed with WLED. In this LnL you will solder and assemble a complete WiFi enabled LED controller – it even comes with a case and a length of LEDs. Like previous virtual LnL events, participants will need to come to the Dallas Medical Center Apr 17, 2021 from 10:30 – 11:30 to pick up their kits from the Dallas Medical Center parking lot from Bill KF5ZBL.

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