DARC Lecture And Lab April 2021

DIY Custom Shack LED Lighting Controller

DIY WiFi LED Controller Kit

Join the DARC for Lecture and Lab April 24, 2021 from 11am until 2/3pm Central Time virtually via Google Meet. (The virtual meeting ID/Link is always on the W5FC event calendar) You will be assembling a 12 volt custom LED lighting controller for your HAM Shack based on the QuinLED board with a WiFi enable Wemos board programed with WLED. In this LnL you will solder and assemble a complete WiFi enabled LED controller – it even comes with a case and a length of LEDs. Like previous virtual LnL events, participants will need to come to the Dallas Medical Center Apr 17, 2021 from 10:30 – 11:30 to pick up their kits from the Dallas Medical Center parking lot from Bill KF5ZBL.

The DARC has about 20 kits total, you may purchase one kit per attendee unless we have some left over. You do NOT need to be a club member to purchase or attend this event, everyone is welcome. This project requires soldering – so be sure to have your soldering gear and other necessary tools to complete and assemble your LED Controller Kit. (details on tools etc. in the slide deck noted below) See the form below to let us know you would like to purchase and attend the virtual event.


Complete DIY WiFi Enabled LED Controller Kit

Kit Cost: $28.00

 Use the following form to sign up.

DIY Custom Shack LED Lighting Slide Deck Directions and Videos – direct link to the slide deck here.