Skynet 1-26-19 NASA Analog Missions: Parabolic Flight & Constellation Monoceros 9PM CT


SKYNET!!!!  9PM CT – 10:30PM CT

Saturday’s Topic: “NASA Analog Missions: Parabolic Flight”  and “Tour of the Constellation Monoceros”

Net Control: Billye KF5PDS

Afterglow Movie 10:30PM:

2-Meter Repeater W5FC: 146.880MHz, PL 110.9, –

Echolink: W5FC-R, node 37247. Search “DARC Skynet” Search “DARC Skynet” Search “KE5ICX”

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Saturday’s DARC SkyNet is at 9PM CT.

Discussion topic of the evening.

NASA Analog Missions: Parabolic Flight

Parabolic Maneuver

Early EVA Practice

Stephen Hawking

A300 Zero-G

What can you see in the sky over the next couple of weeks?

U.S. Naval Observatory: What You Can See in the Sky This Week

Featured Constellation

Constellation Monoceros

Photo #1a – Monocerotis Expansion

Photo #1b V838 Monocerotis Expansion

Photo #2 M50

Photo #3 Rosette Nebula & NGC 2244

Photo #4 Rosette Nebula & NGC 2244

Photo #5 NGC2264 & Christmas Tree Cluster

Photo #6 Cone Nebula

Photo #7 Hubble’s Variable Nebula

Photo #8 Red Rectangle Nebula

Photo #9 Butterfly Nebula

Recent Astronomical discoveries

Where is Earth’s Submoon?

Stellar Winds, the Source Material for the Universe, are Clumpy

Space Exploration and Space History

Tony NT5TM

Space Exploration News

A new high-resolution picture of Ultima Thule has been returned by New Horizons.

Scientists studying moon rocks have announced that NASA’s Apollo program has produced a new scientific discovery: the finding of a small pebble from earth.

Space-Related Birthdays

1930 January 20; Birth of Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin

This Week in Space History

1967 January 20: Apollo S-IVB stage for Saturn launch vehicle 503 exploded

1968 January 22: Launch of Apollo 5

2003 January 22: Last transmission received from Pioneer 10

1986 January 24: Voyager 2 makes its closest approach during its Uranus Flyby.

1964 January 25: Launch of Echo 2 (1st joint US/USSR space mission?)

1994 January 25: Launch of Clementine 1

2004 January 25: Opportunity Rover Mars Landing, Beginning 15 Years on Mars

Opportunity discovered the first meteorite found on Mars, Heat Shield Rock.

1962 January 26: Launch of Ranger 3

Visible satellite passages over the next couple of days.

Tiangong 2

Jan. 30

Hubble Space Telescope

Jan. 28

Feb. 3


Jan. 31

Feb. 3