Tech Net News 03-03-2018


On the contest calendar, I see that there are two operating events this weekend. The ARRL DX Phone Contest, and the Novice Rig Roundup! Crystals aren’t required, but mechanical keying is strongly encouraged for the Roundup…which is, of course, a CW event.

Don’t forget that your club dues are due! If you haven’t paid your dues by the 31st, your membership will end and you’ll have to apply again. Just head over to Ham Club Online to take care of things, and you’ll be all set.

Our next club meeting will be this Tuesday, March 6th. The DARC President and Vice-President, Bill and David, will present a program on digital radio hot spots.

And if you bought (or saw) anything cool at the Irving Hamfest, be sure to mention it during tech net tonight!

In other ham radio news, the ARRL has proposed that Technician licensees receive additional HF privileges, with power limitations.

And if you like the “JT” digital modes—as many of us do—you’ll want to know that the FT8 DXPedition modes will be tested on the air this Tuesday and Wednesday.

In the world of science:

It’s the year of the bird, and huge, undiscovered colony of penguins has been found!

Despite almost a century of movies and more than a century of myths and legends, being a vampire is a terrible idea. Blood is not really a useful food. Apparently, vampire bats, just like cows, have to take advantage of helpful bacteria to make their diet work.

Plant-shaped Lego bricks will now be made from…plants.

Do you hate spheres? Do you often party like it’s the year 99? The flat earthers have a conference for you. I hope none of us are going, except to make fun of them.

And last but not least, the DARC has a science field trip coming up next weekend! Contact if you’d like to see the Apollo 11 Command Module in Houston.