Tech Net News 03-10-2018

credit raul martin 04-og-fossil-bird-Reconstruction_2.adapt.590.1
Credit: Raul Martin

Your club dues are due before the end of the month! Mail them in if you have to; better yet, pay now, on-line.

There are a couple of contests in progress at the moment: the Novice Rig Roundup is almost finished, and the “Spring Stew” Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge is having the first of its four 2018 events. This CW-only event has a unique scoring system that rewards big guns for working small stations.

The DARC will be having a trailer work-out tomorrow (3/11) at 8:00 AM. If you can commit to helping, please contact Randy, KE5JIT, by emailing his callsign at Randy is also looking for volunteers who can help represent the club at the Frontiers of Flight Museum on March 31st and April 1st, 2018. This is a recruitment and social event for the club, not a strenuous public service weekend, so give it a try.

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