Field Trip to Space Center Houston to See Apollo 11! 3-10-18 – 7AM – 7PM

002Our next DARC/Skynet field trip is March 10th. 

At least five folks are headed to Houston to see the history making Apollo 11 Command Module.  Piloted by Michael Collins in July of 1969, the Command module “Columbia” circled the moon while astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.   After jettisoning the Lunar landing Module on the moon, Columbia returned to earth and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean.

The legendary spacecraft is on tour around the United States for the first time in nearly 50 years.  It’s currently at “Space Center Houston” in Houston, Texas. 

Our Field trip will leave from “Dallas Medical Center” 7AM sharp.  We will be car pooling to Houston, spending 3 or 4 hours visiting the complex.  But wait, there’s more.  Also at “Space Center” is the Apollo 17 Command Module, the Skylab training module, Gemini 5, Mercury/Faith 7, the 747 Shuttle Carrier, Orion mock-up, and Star Trek’s Galileo 7 shuttlecraft full size prop.  So there’s plenty from the past, present, and future to see.

Here are the particulars:

  1. Park in the Dallas Medical Center parking lot (it’s the same place we meet for DARC meeting.)  It is free, monitored parking.
  2. Car pool (two cars so far) to Houston.
  3. Visit Space Center Houston.  Admission fee is $29.95.  Should you decide you can go on one of two tours at the center – “Historic Space” where you see the legendary Kraft Mission Control where all the Apollo missions were conducted or visit the International Space Station mission control center currently in operation. 
  4. You can explore on your own, or join our group.  Tom will be giving his exhaustive and overly detailed explanation of the 11 and 17 Command Modules, as well as the history of the Galileo 7 prop.  It will definitely be something to miss!
  5. One hour for lunch – decided by the group.
  6. Return to Dallas.   
  7. Arrive Dallas Medical Center at 7PM

You’ll be home in time for the DARC nets!  We’ll also be discussing our adventures on Skynet at 9:00PM!

So join us.  Please be flexible on transportation choices as we won’t know just how many people will attend so be ready to volunteer to drive.  I’m sure your passengers will help compensate for gas and other sundry items.

Meet 6AM – Leave 7AM Sharp for Houston, TX.

Dallas Medical Center

7 Medical Parkway

Farmers Branch, TX

Talk in W5FC 146.880MHz PL 110.0 Hz

We’ll be monitoring 146.880MHz until outside repeater contact when we move to 146.52MHz.

Everyone is welcome!  Join us for a fun Saturday adventure.  If you know you are going, send an email to and let us know you are coming and if you can be a driver!

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