Tech Net News 12-16-2017

penguinThere’s not too much going on, outside of our own families or away from our friends. The contest calendar is pretty quiet.

Don’t forget to pay your dues! And don’t worry about keeping the repeater busy on Christmas day. While the NTS Early Net will take place as scheduled, there will be no Geek Net on Monday, Dec. 25th.

In the world of science…

Giant penguins are really neat. Look out!

Science can sometimes be boring; cell phones still don’t cause brain cancer.

It’s pretty neat to learn about EGGS IN SPACE! And don’t forget that the annual Christmas Bird Count is now in progress.

Yeah, not much is going on this week. Did anyone see any cool Geminids?

No Emcom 101 Dec 11 2017

Hey, folks!

I won’t be available to run the Emcom 101 net Monday Dec 11 2017 due to travel complications.

So, how about a simulated emergency? If you like, check into the net and create a simulated emergency. Could be a zombie attack or whatever. Just remember to say “simulated” or “exercise” before and after every transmission. Then nominate a net control, choose tactical call signs and send in situation reports. If you like.

Sorry for such short notice but there it us. We’ll pick back up in January.

Kevin, N5KRG


Tech Net News 12-09-2017

Credit: Wu, Jansen, Andrade, et al.

The DARC is done with scheduled activities for the year, except for nets…but don’t forget to set your alarm early if you’ve volunteered for the Dallas Marathon!

There’s a 10-meter contest going on right now. If you’re stubborn enough to try it, I hope you make some good contacts. Other contests can be found here.

In the world of science:

See that picture? Remember the nice eclipse glasses that Kelley K5KTX and Chas KF5JHA gave out at club events? Well, thank them when you see them, because you don’t have a negative image of the eclipse burned into your retina. The original case study is here.

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