Tech Net News 12-02-2017

pia21972There’s a lot coming up for the DARC! Your electronic ballots are due tomorrow. Look for an email reminder in your inbox or junk folder, or search your email for “Ballot for 2018 Ballot for DARC Officers – REVISED.” You have only one more day—tomorrow—in which to vote for our 2018 officers and directors.

Our annual pizza party is coming up this Tuesday, and I’m hungry already. Bring your favorite pizza or pizza-related side dish to our next meeting and share it with your fellow members! We’re also in need of videos and slide shows to share; so far, no one has announced that they plan to bring a movie or video to the meeting…we’re going to need your help.

The club’s Annual Dinner is this week, too. Join us at the Spring Creek BBQ in Addison at 7:30 PM this coming Thursday for a night of fun and fellowship and loot. Did I say loot? I did. We’ll be having a raffle for a Yaesu FT-991a and a second drawing for a multi-band antenna. You’d better bring some cash to the December meeting, the raffle tickets are going fast.

In other news:

The ARRL 160-meter CW contest is going on now. I didn’t notice any other contests this weekend, but you can check here.

There will be some SSTV broadcasts from the ISS on Dec. 6th-8th.

In news from the world of science:

NASA’s JunoCam has captured an outstanding image. There’s nothing more beautiful than science!

I didn’t know uterus transplants existed, but a woman who received one has had a baby right here in Dallas!

Some interesting chemistry and microscopy has lead to a new understanding of the hundreds of tiny eyes that scallops use.

If the scallop eyes aren’t neat enough for you, the mantis shrimp is pretty awesome.

And finally, if you were worried about being attacked by a yeti, you should worry about bears instead. Bears are dangerous, man.