D-Star ONE Cube Sat Info And Contest

D-Star ONE is the first private German CubeSat and the first ever D-Star communication spacecraft worldwide.  D-Star ONE launch date is November 28, 2017

D-Star ONE will be launched on November 28, 2017 from Vostochny launch site in East Russia jointly with the Meteor-M №2-1 mission of the Russian State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS.

Final launch preparations are currently being performed.  Check the D-Star ONE web site for orbit parameters and TLE

D-Star repeater & beacon frequencies:
Uplink: 437.325MHz
Downlink: 435.525MHz
RF-Power: 800mW

More cube sat technical Info: http://www.orbitalsystems.de/d-star-one-technical-details-radio-amateurs/?lang=en

There is even a contest – be the first to record a voice announcement – details at:  http://www.orbitalsystems.de/radioamateur-competition-announcement/?lang=en