New Wide-Area FSQ Station


A new DFW wide-area FSQ station, KE5GDB, is on the air 145.670MHz FM.

The station antenna is mounted 350 feet above ground on a municipal government tower in Lewisville, the output power of the radio is 20 watts, and operation is on 145.67 MHz FM simplex. The FSQ station provides relay capability for QSO chatting, short QST postings, small file transfers, and small image sharing. Coverage of the station includes all or parts of Denton, Collin, and Dallas counties – perhaps even larger footprint.

The latest version of FLDIGI (as of this post 4.0.3) is available for download…for free, as usual…from the W1HKJ website ( To download FLDIGI, click on the blue “Source Forge” hotlink near the top of the webpage. If you are new to FSQ or have used it but, are ’rusty’, also download the help file (PDF) and review sections 2.35 for FSQ configuration and 5.6 for FSQ operation.

Everyone is encouraged to utilize the new Lewisville FSQ ’node’ and help promote/develop FSQ operation in North Texas.