Tech Net News 4-29-2017

Please make sure to check out our latest club newsletter! We need volunteers for the Field Day committee, help with our VE testing, and supporters for ham operation at Philmont Scout Ranch. The next club meeting is coming very soon…it’s this Tuesday!

There’s also a fun contest going on right now, the 10-10 digital QSO party. I haven’t had much luck on 10 meters lately, but this might be a good time to break that bad streak.

Are you interested in learning more about emergency service? The latest IARU Emergency Telecommunications Guide is now available in more languages than ever before, and there’s also a short, interesting story available on QRZ about hams helping with emergency communications in Kolkata.

Don’t forget that the annual military/amateur cross band communication tests will be taking place on Saturday, May 13th. This year’s tests include many interesting modes including automatic link establishment, ALE.

In science news, the Cassini probe to Saturn has begun its Grand Finale. This mission has been an outstanding success! It’s great to see it gathering even more data on its way out. NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), which already had a very disappointing schedule, seems certain to experience even more delays.

If you’re like me, you probably worry a lot. I’m a champion worrier! It looks like that might not be as bad as I thought, if the results of this study are borne out. Unfortunately, you can find one paper that supports anything. That’s the kind of thing I worry about.

Finally, this story about the 3-d printing of cartilage sounds really neat. Cartilage heals much more slowly than bone, and usually not as well. You’re usually better off breaking your  leg than spraining your ankle, and it would be great if doctors had more treatment options available.

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