New For 2017 HF D-Star Award

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For those that want to have fun with HF D-Star here is a fun award you can work on for 2017 !

2011 was the year that the International DSTAR HF Testing Net started among HAMs that had the ICOM 9100 that had the ability to operate DSTAR voice on all HF bands.  Over the following years, the ICOM 7100 came out with the same ability built-in. With a software update to the FLEX 6xxx series SDR radio and the ThumbDV, that ability was added to the Flex radios. Also MoenComm came out with a GMSK modem that could be added to any HF radio that had a 9600 baud packet port and addition of a DVDongle.

Many of us participated in the ARRL National Parks on the Air, NPOTA in 2016. That was a lot of fun for the activators and the chasers. This award is not as grand or as arduous to achieve in 2017.

Starting on Jan 1, 2017 you can receive a “DSTAR HF SUPERTROOPER Dirty Dozen + Award

To receive this outstanding certificate, suitable for framing, you must, starting in 2017-

  • Make two way DSTAR HF VOICE simplex contacts with 12 other DSTAR HF voice station in 12 different 48 continental US states
  • .Make at least one two way DSTAR HF VOICE simplex contact with a DSTAR HF VOICE station that is not in the continental 48 states of the USA.
  • Make at least one two way DSTAR HF voice simplex contact on 5 different HF bands that the net normally meets on.

Provide written proof (QSL CARD, Eqsl CARD), along with $3.00 US (check or cash) shipping costs for the certificate to

Kent Hufford, KQ4KK
807 Callaway Drive
Graniteville, SC 29829

Your cards will be returned with your certificate vis USPS.

On many net days, when the bands are good, you almost can work the 12 states and a Canadian station on 5 different bands. When bands gets better, we should make the Pacific and Europe again.

Kent KQ4KK

3 thoughts on “New For 2017 HF D-Star Award

  1. I work the DStar nets all the time. It is fun when the bands are open. It is also tough when the bands are terrible. You might not hear anything, but others could hear you. I have made contacts all over the USA and also a few in Canada. Have not made it across the pond yet, but maybe one of these days. They work all 80m-6m. Try it, you might find it a fun thing to do.

  2. Have any Dallas club members worked HF D-Star? Does it enjoy a ‘magical’ ability to pull useful signals out of horrible band conditions like other digital modes do?

    I’m tempted to try this with an IC-7100…