Winter Field Day 2017

Winter Field

The DARC is planning a Winter Field Day 2017 outing.  WFD 2017 runs for 24hrs starting 1 pm local Dallas time Jan 28, 2017.  Additional details and rules on Winter Field Day can be found on the Winter Field Day Association site here.  

Please indicate your interest in attending WFD 2017 with the DARC below, the DARC wouldn’t run the whole 24 hours – will operate from 1pm to 10pm Sat Jan 28, 2017 only.  Plan on arriving at Dreyfuss Point at White Rock Lake Park around 11:00am / noon for setup the event officially starts at 1pm local time.  The plan is to operate portable from Dreyfuss Point at White Rock Lake Park.

Location/Map Info (Dreyfuss Point at White Rock Lake Park):
Date/Time: Jan 28, 2017 12pm – 10pm

The Activation Site

Dryfus Point Park @ White Rock Lake Park


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