Medium Wave and Long Wave for Field Day!

I’d like to share this news from our favorite longwave experimenter, KB5NJD/WG2XIQ:

Several amateurs with Part 5 experimental licenses in addition to a few Part-15 operators will be transmitting Field Day greetings on medium wave and long wave throughout the ARRL’s Field Day, June 25 and 26. These station include but are not limited to:

Callsign State kHz Mode ERP Amateur Call sign Comments
WG2XIQ TX 474.5 CW 5-7W KB5NJD
WG2XSV WA 475.5 CW 1W W0YSE/7
WM IL 185.301 QRSS + CW 6 mW N8OOU *see note below
VO1MRC NL Canada 477.7 CW 2W VO1NA
WH2XAR AZ 474.9 CW 500 mW NR5O Fri/Sat 0300-1200z
WD2XSH/26 WA 475.7 WSPR (+CW) TBD W7WKR Tx: hh02,hh12,hh22

Participants updates and status will be posted at

Stations at Field Day sites are encouraged to use their HF rigs with general coverage receivers capable of the receiving below the AM broadcast band
and whatever antennas they might have on site to listen for these stations and others (HF dipoles and verticals are probably best, antenna tuners in bypass).
Reports are very much appreciated and can be sent to the respective station operators, but stations are also encouraged to enter reports at AND take advantage of potential Field Day points by sending NTS traffic to the ARRL to let them know who was heard.  (10-points per message up to 100 points).  The ARRL’s contact information is 225 Main St., Newington, CT 06111, 860 594 0200.This event has been organized to promote awareness of the new MW and LW allocations as proposed by the FCC and is neither sanctioned by nor affiliated with the ARRL. Its simply an opportunity where hams and ham gear come together for a fun weekend and we hope to add yet another layer to the mix.73 and have a safe, happy and fun Field Day weekend!John KB5NJD / WG2XIQ


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