Philmont Boy Scout Camp On The Air

IMG_8405.JPGDale Finley, KB5NFT, and Dale Hiatt, KC5MAY, will be traveling to New Mexico’s Philmont Boy Scout Camp to demonstrate amateur radio. Using the call K2BSA/5, hams will operate mainly during the day using mostly digital (PSK, RTTY, etc) modes as well as SSB and New Mexico repeaters including Mega-Link, Angel Fire, TAOS and even D-STAR/AllStar Link/EchoLink nodes.

Finley said, “The mission is somewhat like a JOTA/GOTA event, operating during the summer showing and talking about ham radio to as many boys, girls, staffers and visitors as possible.”

ARRL Field Day is also on the schedule. If you go, look for the two Dales and the gang on the porch near Tooth of Time Traders. They plan to be on the air from June 15 until September 1.

Finley thanked Icom America for their generous sponsorship that includes an Icom IC-7700 HF rig as well as 2m/440 HTs. To learn more about Philmont please visit their websites, and

Please feel free to text or call KBNFT at 214-244-2100 for more information and schedules. You may download the planned frequency list at the link below.

Philmont Frequency List [PDF]

Reprinted from Metrocrest Amateur Radio Society website.