Lecture And Lab Oct 2023

Come join the DARC for the October 28, 2023 Lecture and Lab. This lab will be a Radio In the Park Day shine only event at a nearby POTA Park (Parks On the Air) in the Garland area just off the Geo Bush highway. Join the DARC on site at Spring Creek Forest Preserve Oct 28, 2023 start time is 10am more details below. THIS EVENT IS CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER!

THIS EVENT IS CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER! This is a hands on Lecture and Lab where you will learn all about Parks On The Air (POTA). This will be a shine only event – check the w5fc.org web page before 8am Sat Oct 28, 2023 for final go/no-go status.   The park (K-4423) we will be activating has no shelter or element protection of any kind so come prepared to be outside for the duration. Will plan on operating until 1pm – 2pm give or take.

This will be a fun event and is open to anyone, you do not need to be a club member or even a licensed HAM operator.  Activators will learn all aspects of POTA including activating, spotting and logging.  You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own logging rig (smart phone, laptop etc).  If you don’t have one, don’t worry DARC will have everything you need to log and generate the log file for activation credits.  Activator/Operator band privileges will be followed for operators wishing to upload their logs. Operators who don’t have ANY band privileges are still welcome and can make contacts and learn about HAM Radio and POTA. All are encouraged to attend and there are are NO fees.

Operators are strongly encouraged before the event, to create a free POTA account online and familiarize the program rules – https://docs.pota.app , this will be used to upload your log after you make (at least) 10 contacts and to establish activation credit. In addition you should consider some logging software for your device. The popular HAMRS program is built for POTA you can check it out on their web site at: https://hamrs.app

Direct link to the above deck can be found here.

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