Lecture And Lab May 2023

RF Load With Power Meter Kit

Come join the DARC for the May 2023 Lecture and Lab – In this lab you will solder/build and program a RF Load With Power Meter kit. The build will be at the Dallas Medical Center on the 3rd floor. Plan on attending in-person May 27, 2023 start time is 10am central time. More details below

This is an in-person event and is open to the public you do not need to be a member of the DARC or have a HAM radio license to attend and participate or purchase a kit. We have a total of 15 kits and they are first come first served on Lecture and Lab day and the kit cost is $30.00

The RF Load With Power Meter kit has a custom PCB board designed and crafted by Bill KF5ZBL and is based on the Instructables build. There are no surface mount components used so assembly will be uncomplicated and “easy”. You will need to bring an assortment of kit building and soldering tools as well as a hobby knife, sandpaper and perhaps some files to clean up the custom 3D printed case that is included in the kit. In addition, the assembler will need to bring a computer/laptop in order to program the Arduino Nano that is also included in the kit using the Arduino IDE. You are encouraged prior to Lecture and Lab to “prep” your IDE using the code and needed libraries found on GitHub – https://github.com/scottlbaker/QRPpowerMeter – you should be able to compile the code prior to Lecture and Lab and then be prepared to “burn” the code to the included Nano. This is a complete kit and it has all the components, power cable, switches, case and wire. The meter runs off USB/5v power so you can bring a power bank or just use your computer/laptop. Don’t worry – if you are short some tools and/or need Arduino IDE help – will have all that at the Lecture and Lab.

Assembled RF Load With Power Meter Kit

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