Lecture And Lab Mar 2023

Come join the DARC for the Mar 2023 Lecture and Lab – In this lab you will solder/build a QRP portable EFHW antenna kit. The build will be at the Dallas Medical Center on the 3rd floor. Plan on attending in-person Mar 25, 2023 start time is 10am central time. More details below

This is an in-person event and is open to the public you do not need to be a member of the DARC or have a HAM radio license to attend and participate or purchase a kit.

The “JoeTenna” named after Joe KI5UKE is a QRP Portable EFHW (End Fed Half Wave) kit for 40M-10M operation and is rated for 50W SSB or 20W Digital. The kit includes a 3D printed ABS Wire Winder and antenna wire. There are options for both BNC and SO239 versions available for purchase. You will need some basic assembly tools, a soldering iron, wire cutters, wire crimpers and associated tools to complete the kit. If you have an antenna analyzer or tester be sure to bring that along. There are a total of 20 kits. 15 SO239, 5 BNC, and each kit cost $40.00 It comes with everything you need for a fully functional antenna. The kits are first come first served and pick up is onsite the day of the Lecture and Lab.