Lecture And Lab September 2022

Morse Code practice key kit

Come join the DARC for September 2022 Lecture and Lab – you will build a  CW (continuous wave) Morse code key kit – complete with a 3D-Printed CW key, and 3D-printed case. This will be a fun in-person event at the Dallas Medical Center on the 3rd floor. Plan on attending in-person September 24, 2022 start time is 10am central time. Details below

Backside CW practice kit

This is an in-person event and is open to the public you do not need to be a member of the DARC to attend everyone is welcome. There is NO sign up or reservation needed. With each kit you will assemble a complete DIY CW practice code key kit. You will need basic assembly tools, a solder iron and accouterments to complete the kit. Also, strongly encouraged: bringing small files and hobby knife to trim and clean up the 3D printed key and a small set of needle nose pliers would be useful. In addition bring a USB power-cube-brick to power your code practice oscillator (same power supply/cable you would use to power a raspberry pi or charge a phone with). There are a total of 18 kits available and each kit cost $25.00 USD and come complete with a case , key and speaker. The kits are first come first served and pick up is onsite the day of the event. If you ever wanted to learn CW then this is a really nice CW practice kit and a great addition to your shack to help you learn and practice CW. In addition to your standard selection of DIY kit building tools, solder station etc. – a selection of small files, hobby knife, sand paper and the component tester the DARC built in July of 2022 will be very handy to have on hand to complete your kit.

Features Include :

-3D printed case

-3D printed key

-Built in speaker

-On-board audio amp and speaker jack

-Adjustable output volume and tone

-Level switch output port is provided for a radio connection

Morse Key Assembly Directions:

About the kit – description

Parts List – Where the parts go on the board

Look at the assembly photos here in this Flickr Gallery.