Help Needed – Moon Day 2022

MoonDay Graphic

DARC will be onsite at the Frontiers Of Flight Museum for Moon Day on July 16, 2022. Come join us celebrating the exploration and the Apollo lunar landing on the moon.

We’ll need at least two-four people at the DARC radio table throughout most of the day (8:30AM – 4PM central).  Will also need help with setup starting at 8:30am and teardown at 3:30pm (central time).  If you can help out please fill the form out below.

If you are coming to “Moon Day” to assist the DARC and have not signed up – that’s okay – we’ll take your help. 

Please come to the museum wearing some club or radio identification and say you are VOLUNTEERING and helping the DARC when you arrive.  Museum staff should let you in (SKIP the long line).  Do NOT pay to get in.  We will be monitoring 146.880Mhz Pl. 110.9, and say you need assistance at the front door.  

Please expect to stay for two hours and help staff the DARC table.  There’s plenty to do and we’ll make sure you have plenty of time to view the exhibits, lectures, and activities.  It’s that much fun!

If you’ve not been to Moon Day at the Frontiers Of Flight Museum – you are missing out. This STEM Focused annual event, always held around the anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, is designed to inspire kids to explore the sciences. Dozens of exhibitors will be exhibiting extolling careers in the sciences.

The DARC will be showing the kids the miracle of radio and how it is important in space communications. There is plenty to do! Plus, as an exhibitor, you get into the museum fro FREE!

Details on the event at the Museum here at this link.

Help the DARC and sign up to volunteer with the following form: