DARC Lecture And Lab Feb 2022

Weather Widget

Come join the DARC for the Feb 2022 Lecture and Lab. This will be a fun in-person event. Plan on coming out to the Dallas Medical Center at 10am Sat Feb 26, 2022 to get a kit. We will be building a desktop ESP8266-based weather widget.

This is an open to the public event so anybody can come and join the fun. This is a complete kit that includes a nice 3D printed case. The weather widget will look great on your desk or in your hamshack. Kit cost is $20.00 and is first come first served, we have enough for 20 kits. Since this is an in-person event there is NO sign-up sheet, just show up to get your kit. In order to complete this build you will need a soldering iron, cutters, wire strippers and your computer to load the firmware/programming on the ESP. Also some fine sand paper and a hobby knife to clean up the plastic case would be handy. More build details are at this link. You can get an early start by making sure you have generated the OpenWeather API key using the free account.