Getting Started With Discord

Getting Started With Discord

The DARC has established a public Discord Server with several public Text Channels and a voice and video channel titled “DARC Lounge” – This is a handy resource to use – drop in anytime it is always on (in the cloud) use the #darc-public channel to share ideas, links ask questions or anything top of mind. The public channel is great to hang out on during some of the DARC Nets – a lot of the Internet links can be shared more easy. Access to the DARC Discord server is easy – you don’t even have to make an account or use an app if you don’t want – a Chrome browser works great. Details below

To get started with Discord access the DARC Discord Server invite link off the main web page on the right hand side – click on the connect button:

Access DARC Discord Server

You will need to pick a username for Discord – we strongly suggest you use your Call Sign or something that has your Call Sign in it – like your First name dash Call Sign (ie. David-KG5EIU) that way it will be almost guaranteed to be unique and everybody in the channel will know it is you since that is what we use over the air waves and on HAM Radios:

Discord Username

After you have chosen wisely on a username, in order to access Discord you will have to agree to their terms and conditions – one of those terms is to make sure you are of age – for the USA the minimum age is 13 – enter some information that meets those requirements to continue on:

Discord Terms And Conditions

Congratulations – you are now in/on Discord – you can optionally “claim” your username/ID so it will be available to you and only you and you won’t have to endure the registration and terms each time you access Discord – if you don’t want an account that is okay – just click outside the light gray claim box:

Optionally Claim Discord Username/ID

Select the # darc-public Discord channel drop in and say hello!

DARC Public Discord Channel #darc-public

The DARC will be using Discord during Field Day 2021 – see the channel #darc-fieldday-2021 on the server for all the latest updates, links and stay tuned in – your participation will be encouraged. The DARC will be having some great give-aways and drawings during the ARRL Field Day Event and you will need to have access to Discord to enter and win.

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