W5FC-10 WinLink Station Improvements

DARC W5FC-10 Winlink Station

Good news! The DARC Winlink station at 145.030 has been online for several months now and as of Sep 12, 2020 some major antenna improvements have been completed – the station is now fully operational.

Thanks again to the Irving Amateur Radio Club for their generous Micro Grant donation that made the DARC Winlink GoBox/Station possible. The improvements to the DARC Winlink station are the addition of a DB-224 antenna (thanks for the antenna donation from MARS Club) that now tops out at 37 feet. Running from grid EM12nw using a Yaesu 991a it should be reachable for most users in the DFW area. Give it a try and let us know your results. More photos fo the Winlink go-box built by Bill KF5ZBL can be found on this link. If you want to learn more about Winlink and how to use it see the DARC May 2020 Lecture and Lab presentation here at this link.

DARC DB-224 Winlink Antenna