Lecture And Lab September 2020

Screen Shot Icom 705 programming software

Keeping with the times the DARC Lecture And Lab for Sep 26, 2020 will be virtual via Google Meet! Join us at 11am Central Time from the comfort and safety of your home/location. In this virtual Lab And Lecture, Bill, KF5ZBL will cover the fundamentals of radio programming and the various methods, software and techniques.

You can grab the slides from this link directly in a new window.

The DARC hosts a Lab and Lecture on the fourth Saturday of each month that is open to any licensed or unlicensed individual – no need to even be a member of the DARC. Due to the pandemic situation of the COVID-19 virus, we will be doing Lecture And Lab virtually using Google Meet with a start time of 11am. See the DARC event calendar for any and all meetings and links to join them via Google Meet.

The DARC Virtual Lecture And Lab will get started Sat Sep 26, 2020 at 11am central. For this LnL you don’t really need anything special – bring any questions about radio programming. Bill will demonstrate for you how to build various radio configurations from scratch along with tips, tricks and secrets of where and how to get repeater lists, configuration files, supporting software and more. Access the DARC virtual meeting with a supported device of your choice – Please review our getting started guide to virtual events prior to attending for a positive virtual meeting experience. (Google Chrome browser works great with speakers and a Mic on your computer)

For the meeting link and Google Meet access information see the DARC Event Calendar details on the day of the event. One last thing….

Stay tuned here and on the air for details on the final DARC virtual Lecture and Lab of 2020. It will be really fun! – Attendees will be building a complete 7Ah LiFePO4 portable battery pack complete with a battery management board, voltage meter and more cost will be $35.00 for the complete part kit!

LiFePO4 7Ah portable battery pack

If you missed the great overview by Bill KF5ZBL – catch the replay at: (or open this link directly)

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