Skynet 7-25-20 “The ASTHROS Project” & “Constellation Serpens” 9PM CT

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The ASTHROS Project

High Altitude Balloon (Artist Concept)

Carina Nebula (ASTHROS Subject Target)

Time-Lapse Stratospheric Terahertz Observatory II Launch (STO-2) 

Space Exploration and Space History 
Waz Up/Miss Carolyn’s Constellation of the Week
Space Launches For This Week

July 24/25

Long March 4B • Ziyuan 3-3

Launch time: Approx. 0315 GMT on 25th (11:15 p.m. EDT on 24th)

Launch site: Taiyuan, China

A Chinese Long March 4B rocket will launch the third Ziyuan 3 land survey satellite. [July 23]

July 28

Ariane 5 • Galaxy 30, MEV 2 & BSat 4b

Launch window: 2129-2215 GMT (5:29-6:15 p.m. EDT)

Launch site: ELA-3, Kourou, French Guiana

Arianespace will use an Ariane 5 ECA rocket, designated VA253, to launch the Galaxy 30 communications satellite, the second Mission Extension Vehicle satellite servicing spacecraft, and the BSat 4b broadcasting payload. Galaxy 30 is owned by Intelsat, and will provide video and television broadcast services over the United States. Galaxy 30 also hosts a navigation augmentation payload for the Federal Aviation Administration to support civilian air travel. MEV 2 is the second robotic servicing vehicle for Space Logistics LLC, and will dock with the Intelsat 1002 communications satellite in geostationary orbit to extend its commercial life. BSat 4b will provide direct-to-home 4K and 8K ultra HD broadcast services over Japan and neighboring regions for the Japanese operator B-SAT. Galaxy 30 and MEV 2 were built by Northrop Grumman, and BSat 4b was manufactured by Maxar. [July 10]

July 29

Proton • Express 80 & Express 103

Launch time: 2127 GMT (5:27 p.m. EDT)

Launch site: Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan

A Russian government Proton rocket and Block DM upper stage will launch the Express 80 and Express 103 communications satellites for the Russian Satellite Communication Company. Express 80 and Express 103 will provode fixed and mobile communications, digital television and radio broadcasting, high-speed Internet access and data transmission services across Russia. The satellites are built by ISS Reshetnev in Russia, with communication payloads supplied by Thales Alenia Space from Europe. Delayed from March 30 and May. [June 18]

July 30

Atlas 5 • Mars 2020

Launch window: 1150-1350 GMT (7:50-9:50 a.m. EDT)

Launch site: SLC-41, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida

A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket will launch NASA’s Mars 2020 rover to the Red Planet. After landing in February 2021, the Mars 2020 rover, named Perseverance, will study Martian geology, search for organic compounds, demonstrate the ability to generate oxygen from atmospheric carbon dioxide, and collect rock samples for return to Earth by a future mission. The rocket will fly in the 541 vehicle configuration with a five-meter fairing, four solid rocket boosters and a single-engine Centaur upper stage. Delayed from July 17, July 20 and July 22. [June 18]

July 31

Falcon 9 • Starlink 9/BlackSky Global

Launch time: 0745 GMT (3:45 a.m. EDT)

Launch site: LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is expected to launch the tenth batch of approximately 60 satellites for SpaceX’s Starlink broadband network, a mission designated Starlink 9. Two Earth observation microsatellites for BlackSky Global, a Seattle-based company, will launch as rideshare payloads on this mission. Moved forward from June 24. Delayed from June 23, June 25 and June 26. Scrubbed on July 8 due to poor weather. Scrubbed on July 11 due to technical issue. Delayed from July 29. [July 24]

Recent Astronomical Discoveries 

New cosmic magnetic field structures discovered in galaxy NGC 4217
Visible satellite passages over the next couple of days.

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