UPDATED 146.880 Repeater Status

DARC 146.880 Antennas

During the July 2020 DARC Board Meeting, the issue of noise on the DARC 146.880 repeater was discussed. Tony NT5TM did a street level inspection July 10, 2020 and noted NO issues or apparent damage to any of the antennas. A plan was formulated for an early repeater site inspection Sunday July 12, 2020.

All antennas and connections were inspected – no issues found there. Also inspected receive and transmit on the repeater – no issues found there. There was a loose connector discovered on the duplexer and that was resolved. Backup batteries were also inspected and were noted to need replacing. Special thanks to the technical team that braved the PANDEMIC and visited the site: Randy KE5JIT, Bernie N5BP, Bill KF5ZBL, and Mike AE5IV. We will continue to monitor the operation and performance – if anything is heard or suspected please let us know and contact here at: https://w5fc.org/contact/ Hopefully the loose duplex connector resolved the static issues.

Site Inspection W5FC 146.880

2 thoughts on “UPDATED 146.880 Repeater Status

  1. Thanks for the update and pictures, too bad no one faced the camera. Then again, since they were all wearing masks…

    Hope the problem is resolved.