Recording: Weather Radar Interpretation

At the May 2020 DARC general meeting the club was lucky to have Jason Dunn of the National Weather Service present “Basic Radar Interpretation”. This was via Google Meet virtual meeting due to the COVID pandemic.

Normally the DARC club meetings are around 2hrs or shorter with about 1hr for a presentation on an interesting topic – the May 2020 DARC virtual meeting ran for about 2.5hrs and most of the content is by our guest Jason Dunn presenting Basic Radar Interpretation – most if not all the content is from his SkyWarn presentations and is VERY VERY informative. Towards the end of this recording he takes the time to discuss in detail how to use an App called “RadarScope” by Base Velocity, LLC with a live storm along the border of Texas and Louisiana that night on May 5, 2020. You can watch this very informative presentation:

Basic Radar Interpretation By Jason Dunn

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