Lecture And Lab Mar 2020

DIY Calculator
DIY Calculator Counter Kit Complete With Case

Join the DARC for the March 28, 2020 Lab And Lecture, we will be assembling a Geeky DIY Calculator kit. Details below.

The DARC has a Lab and Lecture on the fourth Saturday of each month that starts at 10am.   LnL is held at the Dallas Medical Center (which is the same same locations for DARC meetings) usually on the 3rd floor.

Will get started Sat March 28, 2020 at 10am. For this LnL you will need to bring all your solder tools and irons and some assembly tools, a circuit board holder will be helpful. Also a pair of “good” scissors to cut paper for the caps and a small philips.

The DARC LnL Calculator kit is complete with batteries and case, the cost is $15.00. Will have enough kits on hand for about 15 kits, first come first served. When completed you will leave with a fully functional geeky calculator for electronic enthusiasts. It Features:
Blue LCD display with auto power off function in 30 seconds.
Specially designed to calculate all kinds of math calculation and use for electronics researcher.
2 CR2030 button batteries for power supply, convenient and quick for use.
With acrylic housing, components can be well protected and the LCD calculator counter looks stylish.

Decimal arithmetic operation with decimal point and negative numbers calculations.
Calculation of 4 ring resistance or 5 ring resistance.
The calculation of LED diode current-limiting resistance.
Decimal number – hexadecimal number conversion and hexadecimal number – decimal number conversion.
Square root calculation.

DIY Calculator Kit For Electronic Enthusiasts

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