Lab And Lecture Feb 2020

LED Marquee Scroller Clock Kit

Join the DARC for the February 22, 2020 Lab And Lecture, we will be building an internet connected LED Marquee Scroller Clock based on a WeMos D1 Min and a LED matrix panel. It can be configured via WiFi to display/scroll news, local weather, and a lot more. Details below.

The DARC has a Lab and Lecture on the fourth Saturday of each month that starts at 10am.   LnL is held at the Dallas Medical Center (which is the same same locations for DARC meetings) usually on the 3rd floor.

Will get started Sat February 22, 2020 at 10am. For this LnL you will need to bring your solder tools and irons along with your PC for programing. You will also need a power source for the WeMos D1 and a micro-usb cable (same setup that would power a Raspberry Pi 2/3) Will build the internet connected marquee scroller and then program it using the Ardunio IDE on your provided PC. This is all based off the build:

The DARC LnL kit is complete and the cost is $10.00 it comes complete with the WeMOS D1 Mini, Green LED Dot Matrix Display Panel and a white 3D-printed case. Will have enough parts on hand for about 20 kits. When completed you will leave with a fully functional LED Scroller ready to attach to your home WiFi.

LED Scroller Marquee Kit