Tech Net News 08-17-2019

Rocket buffs should all know where *this* lighthouse is. Credit:

Our next Lecture and Lab is coming up on Saturday, August 24th. We’ll be building a 2-element 2-meter Yagi, suitable for use with your HT or base rig. You could even use it to get started in fox hunting! The cost of the build will be $5.00. And of course, the K5RWK foxhunt series is continuing.

If you enjoyed the RTTY presentation that Ken Hansen, N2VIP, gave at our last meeting, you should put your interest to work. The ARRL Rookie Roundup RTTY event will be going on tomorrow afternoon.

Remember, it’s never too early to sign up to help at Lifewalk on Oct. 6th, 2019. We’ll need your participation to help make the event a success.

Oh, and if you know of a nonprofit with some space available, NASA has scrounged up the first stage booster for an original Saturn I rocket (not even a IB…very vintage!). It’s free to a good home…but shipping will be $250,000, and after decades of outdoor storage it probably needs a bit of restoration.

UPDATES: Calvin, W7KYG, mentioned the exiting—or worrying—news that tardigrades have been carried to the moon on an Israeli space probe. Bill, N5BB, reported that more of the mysterious fast radio bursts from deep space have been discovered to repeat, with decreasing frequency at each repetition.

Besides the Rookie Roundup, we’ve also got the North American QSO Party in progress, as well as the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend! If you have any free time left you could look at the contest calendar, but I bet you won’t really have time for that.

In news from the world of science and amateur radio:

The ARRL reports that a special 988 emergency number for mental health could be coming to the U.S. in the future.

If you think that AREDN on 2.4 or 5 GHz is “high frequency” work, than this will blow your mind: there’s been a confirmed FT-8 contact on 122 GHz.

The combined ISRO lunar orbiter, lander, and rover mission known as Chandrayaan 2 has achieved TLI! Lunar orbit is expected to be reached Monday night Dallas time.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there are now two new drugs for Ebola Virus Disease! This is pretty exciting, but there’s been little progress in solving the confusing rebellion/civil war that’s been helping the disease to spread in the first place.

And it turns out that zombies don’t want brains, they want waves! Well, if they’re zombie planets, that’s what they want, and their radio emissions are a good way to detect them.


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