Tech Net News 08-10-2019

Credit: T. H. Worth, et al.

Our next Lecture and Lab is coming up on Saturday, August 24th. We’ll be building a 2-element 2-meter Yagi, suitable for use with your HT or base rig. You could even use it to get started in fox hunting! The cost of the build will be $5.00.

And speaking of fox hunting, the Richardson Wireless Klub’s fox hunt series is continuing, with two foxes this weekend. The easier one is on 144.5 MHz. More details are at their website.

The contest calendar doesn’t look too exciting this weekend, but there is a Maryland/DC QSO Party in progress, and you should always check the calendar yourself to see if any of the less-famous events catch your interest.

Remember, you don’t need permission to bring news and announcements to the net. Your contributions are welcome!

In news from the world of ham radio and science:

Ham operator Eric knight, KB1EHE, has played a role in developing an experimental treatment for Alzheimer’s disease using low-level 900 MHz RF.

Of course, the biggest—and I do mean biggest—science news this week is the discovery of squawkzilla, more formally know as Heracles inexpectatus. Not only has there been a story in almost every news outlet, but you can read the original paper on-line for free.

In addition to all the existing worries about human exploration of Mars, like the astronauts arriving too weak to do any work after years of zero-G, a new worry has appeared: it seems that long-term exposure to elevated background radiation of the type found in deep space makes it difficult to learn new things, remember skills, or react normally to stress.

And finally, don’t forget to go outside and look up after midnight! The Perseid meteor shower is getting underway.