ARRL Field Day 2019 Videos

ARRL Field Day 2019

This year the DARC participated in ARRL Field Day 2019. The Club ran as 3A with 580 QSOs and participated for the allowed 24 hours. Check out the video below to see what ARRL Field Day is all about. (special thanks to Andrei N5ABA for the video production)

What Is ARRL Field Day

If you missed the DARC Field Day 2019 here is a very short time-lapse video from start to finish – if you think it was a “production” don’t worry, it really was and it was really amazing and everybody had fun! The best news – the DARC will be back at Alford Media next year for ARRL Field Day 2020 – we hope you can join us.

DARC ARRL Field Day 2019 Start To Finish