Skynet 5-18-19 : Microbots: Visions of an Interstellar Future 9PM CT

quads_combined-01-editedSKYNET!!!! 9PM CT – 10:30PM CT

SKYNET!!!! 9PM CT – 10:30PM CT

Saturday’s Topic: “Microbots: Visions of an Interstellar Future”

Net Control: Brenda WB5OZL

Afterglow Movie 10:30PM:
“The Terminator” (1984)

2-Meter Repeater W5FC: 146.880MHz, PL 110.9, –
Echolink: W5FC-R, node 37247. Search “DARC Skynet” Search “DARC Skynet” Search “KE5ICX”

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Saturday’s DARC SkyNet is at 9PM CT.

Discussion Topic of the evening
Microbots: Visions to Alpha Centauri Edges Closer

Discussion Topic of the Evening.

Microbots: Visions to Alpha Centauri Edges Closer

Starshot Group Photo (with Stephen Hawkings

Starshot Storyboard

Starshot Nanocraft (Illustration)

Laser Propulsion

Microbot Size Comparison to a U.S. Quarter×600/filters:no_upscale()/

Alpha Centauri System Orbit Calculations

Waz Up?


Chaz covers:
Moon Phases
Constellation and Navigation Tips and Factoids
Sunrise and Sunset Features
Q and A

East, Evening

A featured constellation or object(s) or topic.

Photo #1 Constellation Ursa Major

Photo #2 Stars Alcor and Mizar

Photo #3 Bode’s Galaxy (M81)

Photo #4 Cigar Galaxy (M82)

Photo #5 Pinwheel Galaxy (M101)

Recent Astronomical discoveries

Shrinking Moon May Be Generating Moonquakes

Small, Hardy Planets Most Likely to Survive Death of Their Stars

Space Exploration and Space History

Space Exploration News

New Horizons preliminary report on Ultima Thule has been published

Chang’e 4 has found pieces of the Moon’s Mantle

This Week in Space History

May 14th, 1973: Skylab is launched!

May 15th, 1963. Gordo, wake up! Launch of MA-9 (Faith 7)
May 16th, 1969: Venera 5 crash-lands on Venus
May 17th, 1967: Venera 6 crash-lands on Venus

May 18th, 1969: Close, but not there yet: Apollo 10 is launched

Visible satellite passages over the next couple of days.

May 19th

Tiangong 2

May 19th

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