Lab And Lecture May 2019

Anderson Power Pole Workshop

Anderson Power Pole

Join the DARC for Lab and Lecture May 25, 2019 from 10am until 3pm at the Dallas Medical Center. This will be an Anderson Power Pole Workshop – This Workshop will give you a complete overview of Anderson Power Poles and how they are used in HAM Radio. Participants will have a choice of five different Power Pole accessories to purchase and build.

Lecture and Lab participants will have the choice of purchasing and building one each of the 5 options noted below. The DARC will have Anderson Power Pole Crimpers and cable strippers on hand if you want to terminate your own radio cables and connectors, bring them along as well – you will also need to supply the power pole connectors to terminate. Some projects require soldering – so be sure to bring along your soldering gear and other necessary items to complete the assemble of the kits. Will have enough parts for about 15 people total.

Inline Voltmeter including 3D-printed case

Kit Cost: $10.00


power pole kit

DARC Compact power pole distribution box kit

Kit Cost: $15.00


Handy polarity/power checker – LED lights Green if red is +volts and red if black is +volts.

Kit Cost: $5.00


Power Pole accessory cable kit includes 4 items:

  • 18″ 12ga cable with ring terminals
  • 36” 12ga cable 30amp extension cable
  • 18″ 12ga cable with choice of alligator clips or battery terminal clips
  • Radio T- power Connector with 12″ of cable and power pole
  • Kit Cost $23.00


Fused power pole distribution box with LED voltmeter read out, complete with 3D-printed case.

Kit Cost: $30.00


Inline Anderson Powerpole Voltmeter assembly video:

Assembling The Inline Anderson Powerpole Voltmeter

Polarity Checker Assembly

Assembling The Power Pole Polarity Checker
Assembling Mini Powerpole Distribution Kit

3 thoughts on “Lab And Lecture May 2019

  1. […] Our next club activity will be Lecture and Lab, on May 25th, 2019. Our focus will be Anderson PowerPoles, and there will be kits available for you to build. Check out the details, and let us know which kits interest you! […]


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