Tech Net News 11-24-2018

Credit: NASA/JPL

Turkey Trot went super-smoothly, but there’s still one more big public service event coming up in our area: the 2018 Dallas Marathon. If you enjoyed the Turkey Trot, please head over and sign up!

Our December 4th meeting will be our annual Pizza Party. Bring your favorite pizza or side dish and share it as we celebrate a year’s worth of accomplishments. If you have any fun, short movies to watch, bring those, too. And don’t forget, our Winter Dinner is just around the corner on December 11th.

We’ve got one big contest going on: the CQ WW CW contest.

In news from the world of science:

It looks like life-threatening peanut allergies may be treatable soon.

Archaeologists discovered signs of ancient, alien technology in long-closed locker on the International Space Station. But don’t worry: the technology was of an inferior sort, so there’s no fear of death rays.

NASA’s InSight Mars lander will land this Monday afternoon. Watch it online and join in the suspense and excitement!

Paleontologists have described a giant, mammal-like reptile that lived with early dinosaurs, raising questions about why dinosaurs grew so large and about the evolutionary history of mammals.

The pelicans have reached the DFW area for the winter, and for a few celebrity birds, there’s a pelican-tracking website on-line.

And new, lightweight tracking devices have mapped the longest-known migration among small birds. It’s not the 3,000 miles of the Rufous Hummingbird (though that’s impressive)! but the 8,000 miles of the Siberian Willow Warbler.